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Burnout: An Ever-Present Threat

Burnout is an often-used reason for an owner selling his or her business. Potential buyers may have trouble accepting this as a valid reason for sale. However, burnout is a valid reason for selling one’s business. A business owner can experience burnout even with a business that’s successful and growing. Many independent business owners feel they’ve worked hard, made their money, and now is a good time to cash out and move on, before burnout endangers the health of the business. The following … [Read more...]

Five Top Tactics For Selling And Negotiation

Entrepreneurs who function using Occam’s razor to determine their strategic decisions inevitably fail to see the three-dimensional world of corporate business behavior, ultimately leading to results that are as superficial as the guidelines they use to build profitability. For those who favor simplicity as the solution to tactical problems, profitability is seen as the determinant of a business’ sales value. In the real world, valuations are far more profound, yet even strategic, open minded … [Read more...]