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Business Brokerage Press LogoBusiness Brokerage Press

CABI Members can get a 20% discount on all products and services. Business Brokerage Press provides Business Broker Training, Resources, and Education. Since 1983, we have continued to benefit business brokers through valuable publications, services and resources specific to the business brokerage profession. Our mission, our history, our products, and our services are all centered around supporting and equipping the business brokerage industry. It’s how we started, how we continue to do business, and what directs us into the future.


Deal Studio LogoDeal Studio

CABI Members can get a 20% discount on all products and services. Deal Studio was created with a very clear intention.  We aim to give business brokers and intermediaries a full studio of online marketing tools and integrated systems. These tools can be custom selected in order to meet your unique requirements when it comes to marketing, systems, and budget.  Regardless of the size of your business or your project, we can help.  Deal Studio has the skills, the track record and experience you need. Products include customized websites and website optimization, email marketing, secure online file sharing, and professional newsletters. LogoPrivate Equity Info

CABI Members have a FREE online Gold Level subscription ($495 value) to Private Equity Info is a regularly-updated, powerful database of corporate finance deal firms and M&A professionals. A subscription allows you to leverage the complete suite of data to expand your network and close more deals. Our comprehensive databases are updated continuously.

Database Entries
Portfolio Companies 51,639
Private Funds 37,348
Private Equity Professional Bios 24,117
Senior-Level M&A Professionals 16,800
Hedge Funds 4,781
Senior Lenders 4,700
Public Companies 2,877
Private Equity Firms 2,196
M&A Advisory Firms 1,907
Real Estate Investors  948
U.S. Small Business Investment Companies 337
Valuation Service Providers 302
Mezzanine Investors 195