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The Pre-Sale Business Tune-Up

Owners are often asked, "do you think you will ever sell your business?" The answer varies from, "when I can get my price" to "never" to "I don't really know" to everything in between. Most sellers may think to themselves when asked this question, "I'll sell when the time is right." Obviously, misfortune can force the decision to sell. Despite the questions, most business owners just go merrily along their way conducting business as usual. They seem to believe in the old expression that … [Read more...]

Tactics for Getting the Most From Your BizBuySell Membership

    Webinar Sponsored By: International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Presented By: Bob House, BizBuySell General Manager Date: January 15, 2014 Learn the essential tips for maximizing your BrokerWorks membership with a live demo of new features, best practices for listing optimization, and how to use products to generate high-quality buyer and seller leads. Join BizBuySell's General Manager Bob House and their Lead Client Services Representative, to learn key tips for … [Read more...]

Considering Selling? Some Things to Consider

Know what your business is worth. Don’t even think about selling until you know what your business should sell for. Are you prepared to lower your price if necessary? Prepare now. There is an often-quoted statement in the business world: “The time to prepare your business to sell is the day you buy it or start it.” Easy to say, but very seldom adhered to. Now really is the time to think about the day you will sell and to prepare for that day. Sell when business is good. The old quote: “The … [Read more...]