Member’s Corner – April 1, 2015

By Marsha Golgart AIBA, CMEA, CEPA, ISBA President / CEO Nationwide Valuations What Are the Main Factors That Impact the Value of a Business Interest?The value of a business interest is impacted by a number of factors, many of which may change from year to year. Factors that impact the value of a business include the following:Financial performance - If a business has poor earnings capacity or is on the verge of bankruptcy, the value of the business is going to be negatively impacted. If … [Read more...]

CABI President’s Message – February 9, 2015

By Dennis Smith, CPA CExP CVA CBI CABI President and Board Member   President's Message For those of you who made it to the CABI 2015 Annual Meeting on January 21, THANK YOU for coming and making our meeting a success!   Choose where you would like to get more involved and make a difference: For Colorado Businesses, for CABI, and For You! As your new CABI President for 2015, let me share this:  We have an exciting year ahead for us! CABI PLANS FOR 2015 AND BEYONDBroker Education + … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Company To Be Bought

(Reprinted With Permission - Original Article Here.)   By David Mead President - The Mead Consulting Group, Inc. 894 Anaconda Ct. Castle Rock, Colorado 80108 303-660-8135     Prepare Your Company To Be Bought [Editor's Note: Many business owners fail to prepare their businesses for a sale either because they believe that a potential sale is far off in the future or because they are focused on current issues and do not consider preparation to be a priority. … [Read more...]

CABI Co-Broker Organization Committee Meeting, March 25, 2014

By Dennis Smith, CPA CExP CVA CBI CABI President-Elect and Board Member Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Location: Accounting For Success 116 Inverness Drive East, #205 Englewood, CO, 80112 303-799-9111 x203 Map & Directions CABI is organizing the platform to support a more efficient business-broker marketplace. The marketplace where business buyers and sellers will more easily find each other, and the brokers to support them. A more efficient market means better … [Read more...]