CABI Co-Broker Organization Committee Meeting, March 25, 2014

dennis smith 150 200 CABI Co Broker Organization Committee Meeting, March 25, 2014By Dennis Smith, CPA CExP CVA CBI
CABI President-Elect and Board Member

Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Location: Accounting For Success
116 Inverness Drive East, #205
Englewood, CO, 80112
303-799-9111 x203
Map & Directions

CABI is organizing the platform to support a more efficient business-broker marketplace. The marketplace where business buyers and sellers will more easily find each other, and the brokers to support them. A more efficient market means better results for business buyers and sellers; and more broker-involved business sales in Colorado.

Meeting Agenda


  • Co-ordinate CABI’s existing two strong legs of the successful four-legged Successful Business Brokering platform:
    1. Broker Education and Conferences, in coordination with IBBA.
    2. Broker and Buyer/Seller Communication through our outstanding website, blog and newsletter.
  • Building the missing legs:
    1. Co-Brokering – in support of sellers, buyers and brokers finding each other and working together to make a more efficient Business-Brokered marketplace.
    2. Outreach – Bringing sellers to CABI members. Educate industry trade groups and their members on using a Business Brokers and Transition advisors to successfully prepare and market their members’ businesses.
  • How should CABI members work together to organize a platform for voluntary Co-Brokering for business sales in Colorado?
    1. What are the benefits to Sellers? Buyers? CABI Members?
    2. What does this mean for you?
    3. What’s stopping us?

Moving Forward Into Implementation:

  • Forms Committee: To design basic Co-Broker Agreement and any other form(s) necessary for Co-Brokering – Peter Nemkov, Eric Landis and Dave Finsterwald.
  • Qualification Committee: To develop criteria/qualification program to qualify Brokers to participate in CABI Co-Brokering – Glen Cooper & Eric Landis.
  • Outreach Committee: To design and initiate an ongoing program for (1) selecting industry and professional groups and (2) educating them on benefits of using CABI Business Brokers in their members’ business sales – Arturo Ayala, Mitch Carlson and Henry Cromeek.

If you would like to participate in the committee or have questions for Dennis, please contact him at: or 303-799-9111 x203.