Types Of Business Ownership

A Brief Look At The Levels of Involvement An Owner Can Take Within Their Business There are many types of businesses, so it would make sense that there are also different types of business ownership. As the buyer of a business it is important to consider the type of business owner you would like to be to ensure that you choose a business accordingly. In the following discussion, we will outline the three main types of ownership so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing a … [Read more...]

Why Rent When You Can Own Your Job & Your Future?

As Coloradans, we are all too familiar with the insanity that can be renting a home or an apartment. Renters pay a premium to live in almost every area of Colorado, and along with those premiums, is a less than premium lifestyle. Often times renters find themselves dealing with absentee landlords, maintenance issues that lay in wait for months, crumbling infrastructure and slow Internet! So when given a choice between renting and buying, why is it that so many professionals are okay with … [Read more...]

Who Is The Client?

By Peter M. Nemkov Attorney At Law CABI Corporate Counsel A common problem faced by brokers (and lawyers) when completing an Asset Purchase Agreement or a Listing Agreement is determining who is the client. The problem arises when there is an individual involved who is an owner of a business entity. The typical scenario is that the individual gives confusing information intermixing himself with the entity or more commonly misidentifies the entity itself. This problem can become magnified in the … [Read more...]

Preventing Legal Deal Killers

By Julian M. Izbiky Attorney At Law CABI Sustaining Sponsor  A legal deal killer is a legal issue that causes a purchaser to walk away from a deal. A business owner can take steps in advance of a transaction to prevent a legal deal killer from occurring.Employee IssuesHaving key employees is a critical value driver for a business. But what happens when the key employee says that he won’t work for the prospective purchaser and that if the business is sold to the prospective purchaser that he will … [Read more...]